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Stop Food Waste Day


About Stop Food Waste Day


April 27, 2022

Stop Food Waste Day is led by the Australian Food Pact Signatory Compass Group and supported around the world. Stop Food Waste Day is about educating and igniting change in the fight against wasted food. Learn more:


Fight Food Waste CRC is releasing the summary report Food Waste in Australian Households: Evidence for Designing Interventions to coincide with Stop Food Waste Day (April 27).

This report summarises the most comprehensive research on food provisioning in households ever conducted in Australia. It provides insights for governments, industry, and policymakers.

The summary report is aimed primarily at practitioners seeking to help households reduce food waste. Using the key insights provided will help to ensure interventions and campaigns achieve the highest possible impact.

You can view the summary article and full report here:


 Reducing food waste at home is a crucial part of reaching Australia’s goal of halving food waste by 2030, along with the commitment of businesses like Australian Food Pact signatories.

  • Australians can save thousands of dollars every year by taking simple actions to reduce food waste at home. The biggest savings of money for households can be made by reducing wasted meat and fresh vegetables.
  • Stopping food waste at home can start with simple, but impactful steps, such as:
  • Preparing appropriate amounts of food
  • Planning for changes in meal plans
  • Eating leftovers
  • Purchasing appropriate amounts
  • On average, Australian households waste between $2000 and $2500 of food each year. But we also know that Australians don’t want to waste food and are interested in stopping food waste at home.