Recipe - Low & Slow Pork Ribs

Low & Slow Pork Ribs by Adriano Ferreira de Andrade

Serves: A family of 4-5


  • Meaty Pork Ribs 1kg Pack
  • American Mustard
  • BRZ Food Mexicana spice
  • Apple Juice
  • 85g of Butter cut into thin slices
  • ½ cup of Brown sugar
  • 3 tsp of Honey
  • Favourite BBQ Sauce


  • BBQ or smoker with a temperature gauge or thermometer
  • Aluminium Foil


  • Before we start cooking the pork ribs is important to remove the membrane from the bone side, as it prevents flavour from penetrating into the ribs. It’s very simple, you require a blunt end of a knife or a butter knife or even back of the spoon. Place the cutlery under the first bone membrane, lift the membrane until is possible to grab by hand. With a piece of towel paper pull the membrane from the ribs.
  • Apply a thin layer of American mustard over the meat, this will help the spice to stick better over the meat.
  • Apply a good amount of BRZ Food Mexicana spice over the whole rib and don’t forget the sides.
  • Place the pork ribs on a plate uncovered in the fridge to rest for 1 hour.
  • In the meantime, fire up your BBQ or smoker configured for indirect cooking (refer to manufacturer’s instructions). Bring to a steady temperature of 120°C (250°F).
  • Add your favourite wood for smoking (refer to manufacture instructions), my favourite wood for pork ribs is cherry.
  • It’s time to add your pork ribs to the BBQ, place the ribs meat side up in the BBQ for indirect cooking.
  • Close up your BBQ to start cooking and keep watching the temperature targeting a steady 120°C (250°F).
  • After 2 hours, open your BBQ and remove the pork ribs. Wrap it in foil with the brown sugar, topped with the butter cut into small pieces, and then pour over the honey. Make sure you wrap the foil tight around the meat (you may want two sheets of foil to stop the bones poking through).
  • Place the foiled ribs back on the BBQ meat side down and let the ribs cook for 2 hours in the foil.
  • Carefully remove the ribs from the grill and place on a chopping board. Open the foil package, be careful of hot steam. It’s easier to use tongs to remove the ribs and place them back on the grill, bone side down.
  • Brush the ribs with your favourite BBQ sauce, close the lid of your grill and cook at 105°C (221°F) and repeat this process for 2-3 times with 10 minutes in between until the sauce is sticky and set.
  • Place the pork ribs on a chopping board and with a sharp knife cut between the bones.