Great food lives here.

Meet the Koch Family

The Koch Family reside in the Riverland, a popular South Australian tourist destination and home to thousands of locals. They’re also the owners of Renmark Foodland and Loxton Foodland, located just 35 minutes apart from each other. Steven Koch manages Loxton Foodland, while Grenfell and Slavka Koch float between the two stores.

We sat down with owner, Grenfell Koch, in the back office of Loxton Foodland, to chat not only about his stores but his customers and the Riverland itself.

Where it all started….

“In 1995, I was working for an insurance company and we’d just had our third child, and with no
experience in supermarkets, an IGA came up for sale in Loxton, so we decided to give it go and we’ve been doing it ever since and still love it!” Grenfell said. The Koch Family sold the IGA in 2018, and purchased Loxton Foodland. In 2001, they went on to purchase Renmark Foodland.

Our local customers…

“Interestingly enough, both stores have completely different customers. What we sell in Renmark, doesn’t necessarily sell in Loxton. We stock plenty of Greek and Italian products that fly off the shelves in Renmark, whereas, in Loxton, there is a lot of German influence,” Grenfell said.

Unique to Renmark and Loxton Foodland

“Local Riverland produce such as beef, lamb and pork, all gets delivered once a week from the local abattoir, which is great for reducing food milage and promoting sustainability,” Grenfell said.
“We also range plenty of locally grown fruit and vegetables, orange juice, olive oil and eggs..the list goes on!”

My favourite part of work is…

“The people and industry itself. We love selling food!”

Customer service comes first

“We love looking after the locals and the community. Customer service is really important to us, as well as supplying local produce.”

Favourite season in the Riverland

“Summer, of course! It’s the perfect time to enjoy the river and spend time with family and friends! There are plenty of breweries and distilleries in the area for locals and tourists to enjoy as well”
Find us at

Renmark Foodland 
25 Ral Ral Avenue,
Renmark SA 5372

Loxton Foodland 
46-48 East Terrace,
Loxton SA 5333