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Let’s talk about potatoes

Potatoes were first introduced to Ireland, and then to Britain, from America in the late 16th century and are now one of the most popular staple foods in the world. They are a valuable source of nutrition, particularly for their vitamin C, carbohydrate, and fibre content, especially when they are cooked and eaten in their skins.

Potatoes are the epitome of comfort food and there’s nothing we love more than getting to eat them in every form we can! The best part about the
super spud? There are endless ways to enjoy them!

White potatoes are a favourite across households. These snow-white potatoes with white yellow flesh and a smooth skin finish are easy to peel and best for boiling and mashing with a dollop of butter.

Red potatoes are a staple in many Australian households, characterized by their deep red coloured skin and white to cream coloured flesh. Red potatoes lend
themselves to baking, roasting and boiling and are best eaten with the skin on to maximise nutritional benefits.

Sweet potatoes potatoes are high in fibre and low in calories, sweet potatoes are very nutritious, a top source of beta carotene with a deep orange flesh. As a rule, don’t substitute sweet potatoes for regular potatoes, as they don’t hold together the way potatoes do, and their strong flavour can overwhelm a dish. But they make a great substitute for pumpkin.

Kestrel potatoes are instantly recognizable by their smooth white skin and unique purple spots. Available all year round, the Kestrel is perfect for roasting, boiling and chips.

Desiree is one of the most popular, red skinned potatoes, Desirees have a smooth skin and firm creamy yellow flesh. Desiree potatoes are great for wedges or
roasting as they hold their shape.

Kipfler potatoes are known for their unusually long thin shape with creamy yellow flesh, Kipfler potatoes have a low starch content and mild flavour. They’re best eaten boiled or steamed in their skins with a pinch of salt and knob of butter.