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Kidman & Co Premium Grain Fed Beef Pies

One of the finest beef producers in Australia!

S. Kidman & Co was established in 1899 and has been synonymous with Australia’s pastoral and Beef industries ever since. Founded by Sir Sidney Kidman, who at the age of 13 left home with 5 shillings in his pocket on a one eyed horse, he went on to become known as the Cattle King and at the time, the world’s largest private land owner.

Today, S. Kidman & Co has continued the investment and drive to be one of Australia’s best, producing Beef for both Australian domestic and export markets. The Beef used in our pies are from cattle hand raised & fed in the Beautiful Barossa Valley region.

Our pies are proudly South Australian made, handmade from hand diced premium Beef and baked by Vili’s Bakery.

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