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Foodland Supermarkets Launches Planet Friendly Catalogue Icon

11 May 2020

Foodland is excited to announce the launch of their new ‘Planet Friendly’ Icon, which is now featuring in their weekly catalogue.
The Planet Friendly Icon has been developed by the Foodland team as a part of a wider sustainability strategy. This Icon will be used to signal products and brands that are making significant steps to be sustainable, reusable and/or renewable, to South Aussie supermarket shoppers.

Committed to helping South Australia build a more sustainable future, Foodland aims to encourage shoppers to consider purchasing products that are ‘better for the planet’, by highlighting their benefits to the environment and featuring them more consistently in their weekly catalogue. The aim for these Icons is to not only appeal to environmentally conscious South Australian shoppers, but to encourage new shopping behavior in the wider community.

Foodland ultimately hopes that this will encourage South Australians to make more considered choices in their supermarket shopping.

To be a part of Foodland’s Planet Friendly Edit, products need to satisfy one or more of the following criteria:
1. Made of sustainable materials.
2. Has little to no negative impact on the environment, or the welfare of humans.

As consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, it is important for us as a brand to meet their demand and desires to have ethical, considered products on our shelves,” Nicole Richards, Marketing Manager at Foodland, says.
It has always been important for us to be environmentally conscious, and we are constantly finding ways to improve our sustainability efforts and communicate our initiatives and values to our customers.”

Look out for the Planet Friendly Icon in the next Foodland catalogue!

The Foodland Team