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Foodland raises over $44,000 for Vinnies Bushfire Appeal Campaign

March 1 2020 Foodland is proud to announce that they have officially raised over $44,000 for the Vinnies SA Bushfire Appeal.
Selling $2 tokens throughout the months of January and February, 100% of these funds will be going directly to providing food, clothing and shelter to those affected by the bushfires throughout the state.
Supporting South Australians affected by the devastating bushfires was always going to be a no brainer for Foodland.
“As the Mighty South Aussies, we are committed to doing whatever we can to help our local community,” Nicole Richards, Marketing Manager at Foodland Supermarkets, said. “It’s a long road ahead but we’re committed to helping South Australians get back on their feet.”
“Selling tokens in our stores is also a great way to raise awareness and keep the conversation going. It’s great to see that our shoppers have embraced this campaign as much as we have.”
In addition to their partnership with the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal, Foodland has donated over $50,000 to help the community rebuild, providing gift cards directly to those who have unfortunately lost their homes as a result of the fires. Gift cards were given out at the Lobethal Bushfire Recovery Centre.
Collaborating with several SA Growers, Foodland also delivered 600kg of fresh produce to the Kangaroo Island wildlife rescue efforts, in order to help surviving wild animals left without vegetation as a result of the devastation.
Food was supplied across the entire island, with drop offs at Paul’s Place Wildlife Sanctuary – Kangaroo Island and Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and Cabins – all of whom are now brilliantly taking up the task of feeding wildlife in burnt areas.
Produce was also distributed to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, who are serving as the emergency rescue centre for wildlife on the island and are housing around 200 injured koalas.

To support Vinnie SA’s ongoing bushfire appeal, click here.