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Foodland Partners with Kimberly Clark to Support Multiple Birth Families during Challenging Times

14 May 2020

Foodland is proud to have partnered with Kimberly Clark to donate $7,000 worth of much-needed supplies to assist young South Australian families in need. Together, Foodland and Kimberly Clark are donating three pallets of baby formula, baby wipes and nappies to families with newborn twins and triplets.

The companies have been working directly with Multiple Birth SA (MBSA) to make this happen.

“From talking directly to MBSA, we know that families with multiple newborns in particular are being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Con Sciacca, Managing Director at Foodland Supermarkets, said. “We have seen product shortages in supermarkets across South Australia as a result of the panic buying earlier this year, and this has made it hard on families—especially multiple birth families—to find what they need.”

“Newborns, for instance, typically require 70+ nappies per week, and for twins, that’s 140+,” Sciacca says. “As the Mighty South Aussies, one of our most important values is ‘caring for the community’, so we are more than happy to work with Multiple Birth SA to assist these families in any way that we possibly can.”

For over 45 years, MBSA has been a welcoming, inclusive and supportive South Australian organisation, which celebrates the joy of multiple births (twins, triplets, quads or more) with families and understands the unique challenges experienced by those in a multiple birth family.

They provide multiple birth families with support and a network of connections across South Australia, to empower them to thrive.

“When MBSA reached out to us, we were immediately in talks with Kimberly Clark, who generously matched what we were planning to donate,” Sciacca said.

Jessica Superina, the President of MBSA, is appreciative of the efforts of both Foodland and Kimberly Clark.

“Due to the unprecedented times we are living in, this is proving to be an incredibly difficult year for twin and triplet families across the state,” she says.

“In SA, there are 330 approximate twin births per year. We don’t want to encourage these families with multiple newborn children to have to go shopping around from store to store to get what they need. That is why it was so imperative to get these suppliers on board—for the health and safety of these families.”

The much-needed supplies will be delivered to Multiple Birth SA and distributed to families from this week.