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Foodland Launches South Australian Christmas Products


Foodland has launched two new product lines in partnership with several iconic South Australian brands, ready for Christmas celebrations this year.

The two products include a new Apple Sauce range, which comes in two variants: a traditional Granny Smith based Apple sauce, and a Limited-Edition Red Apple sauce. The Apple Sauces have been made in conjunction with Relish the Barossa, Australian Pure Fruits, Lenswood and Spring Gully, and are derived from apples grown in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. The Red Apple Sauce is made from Redlove Apples, a unique combination of apples and pomegranates. The Redlove Apple is non browning and high in antioxidants, and represents a success of over 20 years of careful breeding.


Foodland Brand Apple Sauce

Franklin dos Santos, Chief Executive at Foodland Supermarkets, is excited to be on board such a fantastic South Australian project.

“Here at Foodland, we pride ourselves on supporting South Australian businesses, and are more than happy to help facilitate growth and innovation with projects such as these,” he says. “It is such an exciting time for our industry, with customers supporting locally owned and made products more than ever. We believe it’s time to take our industry to the next level.”

Foodland Brand Sparkling Apple Juice

Foodland has also worked with Ashton Valley Fresh to launch their new co-branded Sparkling Apple Juice, which is perfect for Christmas day celebrations. Made on a heritage orchard, this product is completely ethically sourced and hand crafted in a solar powered facility right here in SA.


Both products can be found at Foodland stores now.